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Startappist is a social venture that brings 45+ y/o high-tech professionals together into a unique creative environment. The business model itself is also social, providing a participatory business model. It is a cooperative, an entity which generates revenues for its members.

Gain access to member restricted areas including existing projects, templates for new projects, exclusive up-to-date free courses, and more.

If you have any questions, please read the other sections of this site, or use our FAQ.

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Before signing up, make sure you read and understand StartAPPist’s User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Download StartAPPist User Agreement (PDF) (Hebrew only version).

Who Is Qualified?

Above all StartAPPist is a social venture. It aims at 45+ y/o high-tech professionals with a wide range of roles and expertise: product architects, product managers, software engineers, server/client experts, UI / UX specialists, designers, business and marketing experts and more. So, if you’re a 45+ y/o high-tech pro, you’ve already made the first step in the right direction.

To join us , please fill in the  form and questionnaire  (currently only in Hebrew). After filling the forms, please submit your CV (Hebrew or English).

What Do You Get ?

Each and every StartAPPist member is an asset. We care about, and take care of our members. We invest in every member and provide APP programming courses & training and additional support.

  • Programming courses at almost no cost – the StartAPPist team will help you refresh your development skills and become an up-to-date web or mobile programmer.
  • A highly productive work environment – development teams, product managers, designers and UI/UX experts, marketing and business experts, and more
  • Idea incubation – share idea(s) and jump-start your project.

Participatory business model

Those of you who are professionally qualified and become a part of the StartAPPist cooperative can get a fair share out of the generated profits: 30% for the development team of the specific project; 40% for the pool of all StartAPPist members.