ComU helps people travel together, making us a growing community on wheels. It’s fun and economical to ride together. You can offer a ride if you are using your own car or join as a passenger and let someone else do the driving. By riding together you  save money and energy. Commuting together reduces pollution and CO2 emissions and decreases the number of cars on the road.

Parents can organize groups to drive their children to school, to football or ballet classes. Workers can create a daily carpool for commuting to and from work together. You can also use ComU to send your TV set or bike from your old apartment to the new one.

And it’s all about socializing and sharing the cost.

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BidNb offers a new revolutionary paradigm in online travel  booking. Bidnb focuses on you, the guest. Room owners bid to get your order. For owners, the bidding process is automated and they are notified when the automated bidding is exhausted so they can improve their bid if they wish. When you are satisfied with the price and amenities, go ahead and book your accommodation. We will take care of the rest.

If you have multiple rooms, and your occupancy is not high, we know you are ready to offer last minutes pricing to increase occupancy. BidNb allows you to offer private price differentiation.

If you are a potential guest, you will be happy to use an application that helps you get the same room for a better price with no hassle.

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A rising alerting trend of missing and stolen smartphones has been recently evolved with high penetration of smartphone into our daily lives.

Smartphones’ small size and high costs, inspire thieves to still from innocent owners. In addition, the owners lose smartphones and in many cases cannot find them ever. These smartphones has made a tremendous technological progress and now contain sensitive and private owners’ information.

It’sMyPhone application helps the owners  find missing or stolen smartphones, by registering the phones into a database, report when they are lost, and assist the owners in finding the smartphone. The application works on both iOS and Android platforms and can be controlled from a WEB site.

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