About Us

What Do We Do ?

StartAPPist is a community. It is a collective of 45+ y/o professionals. We bring together our abilities and capabilities, programming and development skills, business and marketing know-how, design expertise and  a lot more. We focus on mobile and tablets, but also love the desktop. This is what we do.

At StartAPPIst we convert ideas into reality. Every now and then we even generate our very own concepts and build new mobile platforms. But most of the time, we develop APPs – for mobile, tablets and other platforms. No matter if it’s Android or iOS, Server-side or Client, design, UI, UX, architecture, product… you name it, we got it!




Team members




Working Apps

Have an idea? 

We are here for you. At the very first stages our team will examines your idea. We will determine if it has a business potential and whether the conceptual framework can turn itself into a doable project.

Expertise and methodology

Our expertise include all kinds of mobile platforms: smartphones and tablets for iOS, Android and more. StartAPPist uses agile methodology. This usually includes various practices such as:

  • Preliminary conceptual framework
  • Distinctive brief, including objectives, requirements and so on
  • Probability and sensitivity analysis
  • Business design
  • General spec(s) and requirements
  • Architecture, pre-UX schemes and product management
  • Software design
  • UX, design and UI; Development – Server-side, DB / Client
  • Text and copy
  • QA
  • Alpha, beta, launch!
  • And… support

Who We Are ?


We’re all experienced hi-tech pros and naturally, we always do a bit more. We create and innovate, we analyze and we deliver. We are all 45+ y/o and we are pretty proud of it!

StartAPPist is a very unique cooperative venture that brings all of us together into a unique creative environment.


Our Business Model


In a nutshell, StartAPPist offers a participatory business model. There are two kinds of business routes. The first one is for what we call idea owners and the other is for 45+ y/o hi-tech pros that can become part of our team. And if you are over forty-five, you are welcome to enjoy both.

Idea owners

Well, you have a brilliant idea for an app? We can turn it into reality. But first, visit our Idea Incubation section.  As you are done and your idea and business model are both qualified – our team can start working.

The business concept is quite simple: as the “innovator” you will get 10% out of any profit that is generated. You don’t have to develop or market anything!

Want to know more? Contact us and we will get back to you within 4 working days.

Team members

StartAPPist is a cooperative. As such, each member gets a revenue share from any future income. The revenue division is quite simple and generates 70% from every income for the group members. Out of it 30% will go directly to the specific team members and the rest, 40% will be divided between all the StartAPPist members that have completed at least one APP.

Our story

Today it looks like “Do no evil” is just not enough. So in case you wonder, it was the very trigger that brought StartAPPist to life. Be good, do good. That is how it all started.

StartAppist was born when Sam Babed and Yehuda Ben-Yaacov, the two founders, were talking about some ideas they had for mobile applications and other revolutionary enterprises. “We wanted to combine social aspects,… we wanted ‘to do good’, we wanted to create something that will let society benefit… but like others, Sam and I run deep into complex models, feasibility (…) and so on. We started to calculate the odds for success, but from the very start, none of us had a clear idea how to predict success.” Yehuda recalls and continues “And that was the moment when it hit us! A collaborative model! … We decided to focus on 45+ y/o high-tech pros, many of which are out of a job, others just looking for the next challenge, all are extremely professional. The idea came to life… and we started to mold a collaborative model that practically combines expertise, experience and ability to develop lots of applications by the ‘cooperative’ members… all 45+ y/o that can share profits with each other. The feedback was amazing! And the rest… the rest is not history, it’s happening right now at StartAPPist.”